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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glitterbabe's Corner

well FLOPPY is hard at work at her "real" job.  yep.  in case you missed it... she's back in the working world.  but fear not... she's still drawing and i've got my NEW RELEASES for ya... tho they won't be in the store until later today.  soooooooooooo, here's what to expect... later.... when floppy is done at her day job....

all the necessary stuff for valentine's.... ya think?  chocolates, flowers and a froggy who luvs u!!!  awwww

we've had some pretty strange weather where i'm at (Illinois).  it was in the mid-60s yesterday and today supposed to drop from the 40's down to the single digits with possible snow.  really?????  not only do i NOT know what the heck to wear anymore, but do i even want to out????  sheesh.  that mother nature needs a new job - LOL.

anyway... hope your wednesday is simply wonderful!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

I am so ready for spring!  We have been in single digits this week with wind chills below zero.  I have lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life,  you would think I'd be use to this weather....

Stef's Violets are my cure for the winter blues!  I think about gardening and the beautiful colors.... not to mention warm weather!

Until next week.... Happy crafting

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glitterbabe's (small) Corner

happy hump day from the deep freeze!  it's 12F here in the midwest with wind chills around -15F.  i'm keeping this short as i'm off for an early appointment.  (i hate going out when it's this cold!).  anyways... lots of fun things going on, tons of sponsorships which you can find on my blog and a few new releases.

this week's releases from me are....

do you get the impression LOVE is in the air???  LOL

hope your week is filled with love..... and sun... and warmth... and lots of crafty things.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Love Me
Love You
Love Chocolate

Yes I am a Chocoholic,  so when I saw Stef's Chocolate Heart Candy Box I knew it would quickly turn in a Valentines Day card.  Copics and some stickle and you have a beautiful card for someone special.  Hurry on to the shop and pick your valentine digis out.  In less then 4 weeks the special day will be here.

Until next week, Happy Crafting

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Glitterbabe's Corner

that time of the week again... GLITTERBABE'S NEW RELEASES... and it's the middle of january already!  boy this month is flying by.  oh well, look at it as... another day closer to spring.

so, here's what i've got for you this week...

ok... i'm expecting to see those valentines!

now remember you get reward points with your purchase and don't forget the birthday club!  check the store for all the deets.

have a great week and stay warm.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  Can you believe it is only 1 month away? I love Valentines Day,  maybe because red is my favorite color and hearts are my favorite shapes, or because its my anniversary.  

I don't make a lot of cards, but I do send cards to my kids and a few close friends.

Tic Tac Hearts..... Stickles on the hearts,  Authentique DP.....   

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

well happy  hump day!  the 9th of january.  those 9 days have zoomed by, but look at it as... another day closer to spring!  before ya know it... valentine's day will be here... and speaking of valentine's, can ya guess what my NEW RELEASES are????  yipper skipper... and some "just because" ones thrown in.  sooooooooo, as not to keep you waiting... here's this week's releases...

sweet huh?

on another note... and this one is to ALL the challenges that floppy and i enjoy sponsoring...


happy hump day!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Manic Monday is Here!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!   Yep, it is a new year, new job, new house, new just about everything!  Speaking of new job, Im almost ready to head out this am, but wanted to get this up so you all know what is available for the next 3 days!   But first, a bit of a funny!   Eating at Beef O Brady's, before Sir Markus left out on his latest job, Eddie has decided to rename him.   Hang on just a sec, Im getting to the new names! LOL.  We are eating and sheesh, I don't recall the exact conversation, but the reply Mark gave to Eddie was pretty obvious, so hence, Sir Markus has become "CAPTAIN OBVIOUS"  

And Eddie has become Sir Oblivious.   Why Sir Oblivious   I'm gonna tell you that too!  For Christmas Mark gave Eddie a nice Peavy Viper30 Amp for the guitar.  Nice Gift there Capt'n!  The kicker was that he hung a big red bow from the Kitchen light, with nothing under it, for the WHOLE DAY.  Well, the girls, Julie, and Cacie, and Cacie's guy, David, Mark, and I all knew that the amp was gonna be put under the bow, but poor Eddie had no idea and that bow hanging down from the light all day really got to him (in a good way). So when it was time for the present fest, we sent Ed to take the trash out, and Julie and David brought down the Amp and set it up.  Ed comes back, sits on the couch, RIGHT in front of the amp, never notices it, Julie rests her feet on it, Mark puts his presents up on it, and still, Ed is oblivious to the fact that the amp is right there.  We are all looking at each other trying not to give it away, Cacie is scolding Ed for dropping a bit of frosting from a cake ball, and hoping he will notice the amp, NOT!  Finally, Julie turns off the TV  and the light bulb goes on!   "When did that get there and is that for me?"  Said the Excited Ed, whilst we are all laughing our butts off....So hence the name Sir Oblivious!  

Ok, enough with the frivolities! (Professor Magonnagal!)  Here is your Manic Monday Freebie!  This pick was generated by Random.Org, as all of the Manic Monday Freebies will be!  All you need to is pop in the shop within the next three days and grab it!  It is located on the Left Sidebar under specials!

Well, I do have new releases,but they will be put out later in the day, or tomorrow, as I have to rush out to work!

I hope you all have a great week!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! I wish you much happiness in 2013 and a fresh start on all your resolutions both new and old.  Do you have a paper crafting resolution? Mine is to use at least one item from my stash on each card or scrapbook page.

                                          Here I used old ribbon and old paper.  

This is Stef's Fancy Snowflake.  With a touch of Stickles you get a CAS elegant card.  I did mine as a birthday card but this image has so many possibilities....

Have you checked out the store?  Floppy added some beautiful florals, and Stef has her usual gorgeous creations.

Until Friday.. Happy Crafting

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR all!  well another year starting here at FLD and there's lots in store.  if you haven't seen the changes... please read the post below.  i need to rush out this morning, so i'm keeping this short and sweet.

my new releases for the week are....

just in time for valentines.  as a matter of fact, most of this month will be dedicated to valentines day... and
we all know that will be here in a heartbeat!

in case you haven't heard, FLOPPY went and got herself a "real" job so she'll probably not be around as much.  but, if i know FLOPPY, she's always up-to-date anyway, so i'm sure things will continue to go smoothly.

as for me... i'm off this morning running errands with one of my church friends who's having car issues.  soooooooo........... hope you like the new images and HAPPY SHOPPING.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well, it is officially 2013, and boy was 2012 a year!  Good and Bad, Up and Down, but overall, I guess I came out pretty good.  New Job for Mark, New Job for Me, Eddie is getting adjusted well, and I guess I could not ask for much more!

With this being a new year and all, and after much deliberation, thought, hand wringing, whining to Stef, and general hair pulling on my part, I have made a few executive decisions concerning Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.

Now, Just bear with me whilst I get this all out, and I am sure you will understand it all in the end.

First things First:    MANIC MONDAY - Manic Monday will now be the 1st Monday of the Month (yep, it could fall on the 2nd through the 8th day of the month) but it will ONLY be the first monday of the month.   The Manic Monday Freebie will ONLY be available for three (3) days.  That should be long enough for all the time zones to have a chance to grab it.  You will not be required to use a coupon for Manic Monday, so that if you have other coupons, you will be able to use those in addition to any reward points that you may have.

     REASONS:  I really like Manic Monday, I really do.  But this past year I have lost tons of extra 
     revenue on it due to double and triple dipping on the Pick Your Own Freebie Weeks.  I have
     basically given away the store more than once.   I do so much appreciate every one that has
     purchased from the shop.  This is a main source of income for me, along with my new job.  This is 
     not something I do just to be doing it.  So, I am changing Manic Monday in hopes that my losses 
     will be curbed somewhat.  I still want to be able to give you niceties once in a while, as long as it
     does not cause me to have to shut the store down.

Next Up:  REWARD POINTS -  Now a lot of you have reward points in the shop.  Don't forget about them!  They are a great way to save up for free digital images and papers.  All you have to do is log into the shop and there they are on the left hand side!

Third - BIRTHDAY CLUB - Yes, it is staying and December's and January's will all go out on the 10th of January.  

Fourth - SIMPLY SENTIMENTS POST - Stef and I will still be adding Sentiments to the shop.   But with my new Job, I simply wont have the extra time to make the post on time as it should be.  We will however add them to the new releases that are shown each week.  Monday for me, and Wednesday for Stef.  

Fifth - Anonymous Comments -   No longer will you be able to post Anon comments.  I am getting tons of spam and this is where it is from, so if you want to leave a little comment, you must be signed in to a service that will allow you to comment.  I do have comment moderation turned on at the moment, but that will be turned off now that I am disabling the Anon Comments.

Sixth - Concerning licenses and the images that I choose to use - I possess commercial licenses to rework any image on my site.  Please Please, if you have a question about where I got an image from, please check the page where the image is located in the shop, also check my commercial credits page in the shop and on the blog, and that should about cover any questions.  If you are still concerned, please please email me at    I do not, nor will I ever steal an image.  I pay my license fees and keep current on them.

Now that all of that mess is out of the way, I can get on to the getting on of why I do what I do!  Im in a flower mood again, yes, again.  And I have some darling Mehndi designs that I have reworked, and cleaned up.  These are NOT my original designs.   They are beautiful though!  And some of these are making it to my new Home Depot Apron as soon as I can find some cute paint pens or a big ole pack of sharpies in lots of colors!  (Yep the Home Depot encourages Apron decorating!)  Gotta love them!

Soo,  Here is a sampling of what I am loading into the shop as I type this!  Im working on a few things for Valentines day so that will be forth coming as well, and since Im stuck in flower mode, more of those too!

Here we go!

All of these can be found under New Products, which is located on the Left Sidebar, or you can pop over to the flower/floral category and see them there.   Oh, Ill be adding more this week, this is just the first round.

Now, Manic Monday will be taking place on Monday, January 7th!  So make sure you check back then to grab your freebie.  NOTE:  The freebie will be picked by Random.Org from all of the images/papers on my store site (not including NEW RELEASES).  I will post the winning image on the 7th as well as get it in the store for you for free for three days!

Wednesday Stef will be by for you, I do believe, with a few new releases!


I did a lot of crocheting and knitting for the holidays!  Scarves, beanies, bags and what nots! I usually put my skein of yarn in a plastic bag, and tie it up to keep it all nice and neat and clean.  NOTE:  Little snoochie dogs love to play with plastic bags that move across the floor when you pull a bit of yarn out of them....Yarn destroyed, 4 - Snoochie Dog Happy 4, Mama Mad - YES LOL.

So, I decided to take a two liter bottle, a coffee container and a tea container that I got for Christmas and make Yarn holders out of them.  Yep, clean them out well, get all the gunk and smell out. (Soak for a few days was the ticket for me).  For the two liter bottle.  Cut the top off right after the curve so that you can fit the yarn down in the bottle, thread your yarn through the bottle top, and put the top back on!  Neat and easy and keeps your yarn clean, snoochie hair free, and tangle free as well.  I did the same procedure, sort of on my Coffee Can, except that I cut a hole in the lid and then smoothed it over, cause sharp plastic will cut through yarn.  And the tea container, as soon as I get done with the modge podge covering, will get done the same way!  Just a handy little tip to help keep those yarns looking great and knot free!

As I get more and more into the groove of having a Regular Job, my drawing, Eddie, and managing my free time, (when Mark is off working) I want to get more  into the crafting side of all of my work.  I love to color my drawings, and Now I want to start making things with them!  So, feel free to slide me any tips, tricks or helpful hints you feel I need. (Yes, I need them all, you have no idea how I work here LOL).

Well, I do hope that the New Year Starts off wonderfully for all of you and I hope that all of those resolutions that were made, at least last the week.......That is the bet in my house LOL!

Happy 2013 from the Floppy Latte's Digital Design Crew!

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